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Video "Health Nuggets" designed to raise awareness of simple health principles that can bless bodies, lift spirits, and glorify God

Health Nugget Cards

These sharing cards are designed for use on websites or social media to introduce people to key health thoughts.

Health Resources

Helpful resource links will lead you to materials you can use in health ministry

Kids Talk Health - New Video Sharing Series

Each episode features a specific Biblical health principle

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Sunlight and Immunity

Can Sunlight Boost Immunity and Help Fight Viral Infections? Rob Rice shares insights into the value of sunlight.

Health @ Your Door

A training program to help revitalize your health evangelism work in your community and right now how you can make that happen virtually! How can you be the “hands” of Jesus to touch others lives with His love and care?

Brain, Gut, and Viruses (April 30th)

Discover the amazing connections between the health of the gut and its effect on your brain and virus susceptibility.

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