Health @ Your Door - Health Evangelism

The Health@YourDoor program aims to reduce barriers in simple door-to-door health work.

We are living in unusual times: besides the threat of physical infection, economic depression, and general uncertainty, many are losing touch with co-workers, neighbors, friends, and even family. Here’s how you can re-establish and strengthen your connection with those you love: introducing: Health @ Your Door! This innovative and dynamic health evangelism training program will give you the know-how to use select health evangelism "e-tools" to touch people’s hearts and lives with the healing ministry of Christ. Just as He sent forth His disciples, Jesus is looking for co-laborers to carry forward His ministry of healing to a world in desperate need. Will you heed the call?

Experience Door-to-door Wellness Witnessing!

The Health@YourDoor program takes hold of the admonition that, as Christians, we should labor house-to-house as medical missionary evangelists (Luke 9:2).

The program format is simple yet effective. In the past, in attempting to integrate door-to-door canvassing with the health work we have seen the following occur:
Problem #1: initial hesitation by resident due to novelty of having health and wellness offered at the door (offering a blood pressure check, asking personal medical questions, etc)
Problem #2: lack of systematic approach can lead to frustration by both door-to-door worker and resident

The Health@YourDoor program aims to reduce barriers in simple door-to-door health work by using the following framework:

1) Ease worker tension and anxiety by offering an extremely simple canvassing experience with the main goals of: establishing friendships & distributing a promotional DVD (customizable for your ministry).
2) Return to contact's residence at a date specified at initial contact, determine interest in Health@YourDoor, and (if interested) schedule follow-up in-home consultation (see attached visitation schedule)
3) Begin week-by-week visitation focused upon providing health education, and practical health & wellness (in-home cooking demos, chair massages, simple hydrotherapy demos, etc.)
4) As friendship progresses bridge into health-oriented Bible studies (works well when educating with Amazing Health Facts Magazine to bridge over to Amazing Facts Bible studies)
5) Continue to study and build the individuals relationship with supporting elements & outpost centers (i.e. Health Food Stores, Churches, etc.).

So far we have seen miraculous results! Coordinators enjoy this program because it is simple  and effective and participants enjoy the program because it is practical and truly helpful.

Note: Please contact us ( for assistance in producing your own Health@YourDoor promotional DVD.

Program developed by Ron Meinhardt. An innovative and dynamic speaker specializing in the areas of prevention and wellness, Ron retired from clinical nursing over ten years ago and now regularly conducts health seminars both in the US and abroad. He is also founder and executive director of Entering Wedge Media, LLC (a multifaceted organization focusing on primary health education).